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The photograph of the "Inuksuk" * and design is a photograph by Artist/photographer Marilyn Reid.

The "Puzzle Design" and "Missing Piece" is intended to remind us we don't always have everything together....with professional help and advice, we have a better chance of finding the missing piece(s) and creating a proper financial plan.

The "Inuksuk" is a stone sculpture created in the image of man.  They are found on the Arctic landscape created by the Inuit and represent the signature of a hunter who has passed by.  Some are ancient and have been standing for thousands of years.  An Inuit hunter may have built an Inuksuk to give direction to a good hunting or fishing place or to mark a spot where surplus food was stored.  They may have been made by Inuit travellers to help direct and guide followers to safe trails across the tundra.

We have chosen the "Inuksuk" as a symbol to lead you, your family members, your appointed estate trustees and attorneys to your important papers, their origins and recent updates of your affairs and wishes.  The Legacy Planning Package is intended to give direction at a time when it will be needed most.  In as much as the Inuit hunter(s) created their stone sculptures to direct others, you are creating this package for the same purpose.

* This Inuksuk memorial is located on the waterfront in Collingwood, Ontario.  It was placed in memory as a tribute to Peter Crompton and his love for windsurfing.  Pete was killed tragically in a boating accident on Lake Joseph, a Muskoka Lake in July 2003.
Today, this Inuksuk memorial marks the shoreline of Nottawasaga Bay and has become a familiar sight on the waterfront for boaters, windsurfers and visitors to Sunset Point Park in Collingwood.

  Inuksuk (Ee-nook-sook) :  A stone marker that acts in the place of a
    human being.

  Inuksuuk (Ee-nook-SHOOHK) :  Two stone markers.

  Inuksuit (Ee-nook-sweet) :  Three or more stone markers (the plural
    of Inuksuk).

  Inuksukkat (Ee-nook-sook-cut) :  Many little Inuksuit.

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